Nursing pads have never looked or felt so good! Made with soft, unbleached cotton flannel OR organic bamboo fleece against your skin; a PUL barrier; and pretty top fabric, their unique tear-drop design gives full coverage and still makes it possible to locate them in your bra! Your breasts will thank you! 


1 "set" = 2 nursing pads


Please indicate if you'd like the exterior fabric to be light or dark or white. 

Please indicate if you'd like FLANNEL or BAMBOO. 

NURSING PADS - single set

  • As with other products made with a PUL waterproof barrier, do NOT use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets when laundring. Oxy boosters are acceptable. Wash in warm or cold water. 


    Pads CAN be put in the dryer. Please ensure they are completely dry before putting away. 

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