If you're looking at this item, then you already KNOW how MUCH you need these!!


You already know: 

- how hot your breasts can get in the oppressive humidity of summer, or at the gym, or because of hot flashes, or just because...

- that, after you take your bra off at night, you give a swipe under "the girls" to wipe away excess moisture and you wonder what the solution to this issue could be

- the discomfort of a soggy bra band and how the damn thing chaffes when you're just trying to go about your day


Sister: I'm here for you because I know your pain. 


These amazingly absorbent breast bands wick away moisture from under your breasts. The waterproof barrier allows air flow but moisture won't ruin your clothes.


How to wear: put on your bra, and then tuck the band under each breast, putting part under your bra band and part against your breast. Adjust as needed. Go about your day in comfort and confidence. 


No Sweat Breast Band - set of 3

  • Made from 100% cotton Absorb material, these will hold a LOT of moisture!! (This same material is used in our maxi pads - it's up for the job!)

    PUL waterproof barrier keeps the air flowing but the moisture away from your blouse. 

    Bamboo terry cloth centre section for just a bit of extra softness. 

    All materials pre-shrunk before sewing. Washer/dryer friendly. As with all our products, we recommend NO dryer sheets, NO fabric softener, NO bleach. 

  • Here are the sizes of the bands, from end to end, so that you can measure either around your rib cage (to put the No Sweat band between your skin and bra) OR from your breastbone, under your breast to the top of your bra underarm area. 

    SMALL - A cup - 15" or 38 cm 

    MEDIUM - B-C cup - 17" or 42 cm

    LARGE - D cup - 19" or 46 cm

    EXTRA LARGE - D++ cups - 21" or 52 cm 


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