Because men experience incontinence too! 


These soft, comfortable boxer briefs are excellent alternatives for light-to-medium incontinent issues for men. Fly variations are either "full" or "traditional" depending on need. The fly, regardless of style, are made with all natural materials (100% cotton, or an organic bamboo/cotton fleece) with the PUL waterproof barrier to keep outer clothing dry. 


The "full" fly option contains a pocket and comes with two stuffers. When the stuffer is wet, it is removed and a new, dry one replaces is. This allows the wearer to avoid changing the entire pair of underwear for each wet. 


The traditional fly option does require changing once it's wet. 


Based on the Scrundlewear pattern for men, they generally fit true to size, but please indicate waist measurement to be sure. 


WE LOVE FABRIC! Fabric selections in Canada are limited for cotton/lycra material, but we try our best to select patterns that are dignified and classic, that men will be comfortable wearing. 

Men's Incontinence Underwear

  • As with all Garden of Eden pads & underwear, materials are of the highest quality and include: 

    • cotton/lycra blend for underwear itself
    • PUL waterproof barrier 
    • all-natural core materials, such as 100% cotton or organic bamboo/cotton fleece blend 
    • Full front option includes a 100% polyester athletic wicking jersey
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