At 10" this is the pad you need for maximum coverage. Two versions of the same pad thickness - made from 2 layers of "Absorb" material, this is one thirsty pad! And it's not as thick as you might think! 


SINGLE FLARE END - can be worn with the flare at the front or back, depending on where you need the most coverage. For instance, wear the flare at the back to cover you if you're sitting for a long time. Or wear it up front if you're a "front bleeder."


DOUBLE FLEAR ENDS - this pad offers excellent night-time coverage, front and back, or for those women who are "all over" bleeders. The double-flared pad is also the one most commonly sewn into our "period panties" as shown in the photos. 


INCONTINENCE use is also possible with this pad.  Just request a bamboo terry cloth top if you wish to use them for incontinence. The terry cloth has a lot of surface area and is great at quickly absorbing thin liquids (ie. urine) whereas flannel is good for thicker liquids (ie. menstrual blood). 


  • Construction of each Garden of Eden pad:

    • outer layers are of 100% cotton flannel on the top with cotton or flannel bottom
    • PUL waterproof barrier, even in the wings
    • multi-layered absorbent organic cotton "Absorb" material
    • non-rusting snap closure 


    WE LOVE FABRIC! Because shopping for fabric is so much fun, we change our styles often. As a result, patterns shown in the photos may not be available at the time of ordering. But we promise something just as good or better as what you see here! 

  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of these products, all sales are final.  However, please contact us if there are any issues with the actual construction of the pad. 

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