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Here's what our valued customers are saying about their Garden of Eden Reusables cloth products.

​​Problem Solved!


I am an 81 year old woman who has begun having incontinence problems. I found the adult “diapers” or incontinence pads were bothering my skin. I developed a rash and couldn’t get any relief. I decided to try Garden of Eden Reusables and I wouldn’t go back to store bought again. I have many pads and I’ve also tried the underwear with built-in pad. The underwear is great for overnight, everything stays in place. 


Garden of Eden Reusables have been a God-send.

Anna B., Oshawa, ON 

A happy period 

I absolutely loved using your pads ... today I forgot I was wearing the liner and that I even had my period it felt so comfortable. I thought I was just wearing underwear!


It was the flannel I was wearing and as you said above it IS so comfortable even on a warm day! I can't believe how much they absorb as well. This is a brilliant product that I can't believe I've lived without for so long!

Rose S., Peterborough, Ontario

I love your nursing pads! 


A friend of mine picked up a sample of your breast pads a few moths ago to test out (she wasn't nursing and passed them to me). I just had my second child three weeks ago and have been using my normal bamboo circle pads (various brands) with yours mixed in as fast as I can wash them.


I absolutely LOVE the design (stays put in my nursing bra vs circle pads crumpling and spinning) and super absorbency! (more layers than just the single/double bamboo I have which leak). I am currently ordering more off of your site right now!

Jennifer L., Pickering, Ontario 

No leaks! 

I love these pads! I get very irritated from disposable pads and I can't wear cups. These cause me no irritation which is amazing for me because I'm very sensitive. Very comfortable and no leaks!

Carrie H., Lakefield, Ontario 

We all need these 


​In our disposable world it is so nice to have a dependable, reusable, quality product. I highly recommend everyone try Garden of Eden Reusables menstrual pads. They are excellent. They REALLY work. Tell your daughters. Tell you mothers. Tell your sisters.

Maria O., Douro, Ontario 

No more rashes & irritation


I have been using Garden of Eden’s menstrual pads for about 5 months now. I was having terrible reactions to “Always” or “Kotex” because of the material on the top of the pad. Having to deal with a period is enough of a discomfort without adding a rash/aggravated skin after your cycle is done. 

I’ve found using the Garden of Eden cloth pads I no longer have any irritation problems. I have also found my periods shorter and I don’t have as much discomfort since I switched. They are easy to clean and take care of, and one less thing to worry about picking up at the grocery store.


I love them!

Leanne L., Oshawa, Ontario 

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